The post-graduate degree education, including Master's and Doctoral degree programmes on Bioinformatics, aims to educate senior professionals who are well developed morally, intellectually and physically. Applicants will have undertaken a first degree in biological science, computer science, or an equivalent subject, and are expected to be familiar with basic concepts in biology and practice in computer applications. The programmes are flexible, which generally starts in early September and finishes in 3 years for Master and 4 years for Doctoral degree. The first year of the programmes is course-based and the other years are project-based. The project can be research or application oriented and industrial collaboration is possible. A thesis should be submitted and approved by anonymous reviewers before the graduation defense. The thesis and defense should be approved finally by the Degree Committee.



The courses include:

· Bioinformatics

· Algorithms in Bioinformatics

· Computational biological chemistry

· Computational biology

· Systems biology

· Molecular modeling and drug design

· Progress in bioinformatics

· Comprehensive practices in bioinformatics applications

· Multivariable statistics

(some of the courses are optional)


The research areas include:

· Computational Genomics

· Chemical informatics and drug design

· Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology

· Biological Data Mining

· Computational biochemistry and structural bioinformatics



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