The undergraduate major in data science and big data technology of Huazhong Agricultural University was established in September 2018 and enrolled the first undergraduate students at the same time. The major is based on two provincial-level research centers of Hubei Agricultural Big Data Engineering Technology Research Center and Hubei Provincial Agricultural Bioinformatics Key Laboratory, three degree points of computer science and technology first-level master's degree, agricultural information engineering second-level master's degree and doctoral degree and bioinformatics second-level master's degree and doctoral degree. It aims to train high-level compound talents with good political quality and moral accomplishment, all around development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labour education. Our students have solid mathematical and physical foundation, mastery of basic theories, methods and skills related to data science, comprehensive abilities of big data analysis and processing, great skills of development and application of big data system. Our graduates are competent to the tasks of scientific research, teaching, development and management in related fields.

In September 2015, the State Council issued an action plan of Promotion of Big Data Development, and it emphasized the key points of "Implementing the National Big Data Strategy and Promoting Open and Shared Data Resources". The major trains data scientists and senior professionals in development of application system, who have the thinking mode and analysis ability of big data. They can provide solutions for enterprises and institutions by information collection and integration, massive data management, data mining and knowledge discovery, and assistant analysis and decision-making. It focuses on improving students' ability to solve practical problems. Our graduates have innovative abilities of integrating domain knowledge with computer technology and big data technology. According to the report of Chinese Internet Hottest Job Talents in 2016 released by Lingying agent, this major is one of the most demanding positions in the industry, and the monthly salary of data analysts with two years' working experience can reach 8000 yuan. The monthly salary of data analysts with master's degree can reach 12000 yuan, and the annual salary of five-year working experience can reach 400,000 to 600,000 yuan.

In line with the concept of "solid foundation, focusing on practice", this major has offered basic courses of mathematics, statistics, programming and other disciplines, as well as some core courses of big data platform technology and big data mining technology. Core courses are: ‘basis of statistical analysis of big data’, ‘algorithm analysis and design’, ‘operating system’, ‘data communication and network’, ‘modern database theory’, ‘introduction to artificial intelligence’, ‘data mining’, ‘big data architecture and model’, ‘high performance computing’ and ‘machine learning’ etc.

We place great emphasis on training mode of innovative talents. We implement the undergraduate tutorial system, which provides guidance for students in all aspects of study, scientific research, life and employment. At the same time, we practice the training concept of " education by project " by signing cooperation agreements with enterprises and institutions such as Huawei Company, Millet Company, Huada-Gene Big Data Center, Hubei Cancer Hospital and so on. Through cooperation projects, we hope that students' innovative vision, market vision and practical ability can be improved in an all-round way, and thus the quality of talent training can be continuously improved.

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