Junxiang Gao

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Personal Information

Basic Information


Gao Junxiang


 Associate   Professor


College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural   University


No.1   Shizishan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan 430070, China





Research Interest

Biological information technology; Agricultural information   technology

Academic activities

(1) Editorial   board member of probe-agricultural biotechnology;

(2) Reviewer of Genomics,   Proteomics & Bioinformatics;

(3) Reviewer of   Journal of biotechnology.

Education and research experience

2016.4-2017.4,    Visiting scholar, Bioinformatics, Simon Fraser University, Canada.

2007.09-2010.07,   Doctoral candidate, Communication and Information System, Beijing University   of Posts and Telecommunications.

2002.09-2005.12,    Master candidate, Electrical engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University.

1992.09-1996.09,   Undergraduate, Communication and Navigation, Shanghai Maritime University.

Grants (Government-funded)

(1) Fundamental   research funds for the central universities, Research on texture   identification and 3D reconstruction of Citrus in the multimedia tracing   system (2662019PY069),  2019-2021, PI.

(2) Ministry of Agriculture,   Intelligent storage and transportation monitoring technology, 2015-2015,   300000 yuan, PI.

(3) Fundamental   research funds for the central universities, Environmental conditions monitoring   of citrus storage and transportation, 2013-2015, 300000 yuan, PI.

(4) National   Natural Science Foundation of China, System biology research on the metabolic   regulation mechanism of γ - polyglutamic acid and bacitracin of Bacillus   licheniformis (31271406), 2013-2016, 800000 yuan, CO-PI.

Representative publications*for corresponding authors, # for first authors

(1) Ji-Wei Chang, Yuduan Ding,   Muhammad   Tahir ul Qamar, Yin Shen, Junxiang Gao*, Ling-Ling   Chen*. A deep learning model based on sparse auto-encoder for prioritizing   cancer-related genes and   drug target combinations,   Carcinogenesis, 2019, 40(5):624-632.

(2) Gao Junxiang*, Xing Xiangyang,   Zhai   Ruifang. Three dimensional reconstruction of watermelon for   multimedia   traceability system. International Journal of Food   Engineering, 2019, 5(1): 1-8.

(3) Cheng-Cheng Shu#, Dong Wang,   Jing   Guo, Jia-Ming Song, Shou-Wen Chen, Ling-Ling Chen, Jun-Xiang   Gao*, Analyzing   AbrB-Knockout effects through Genome and   Transcriptome Sequencing of Bacillus   Licheniformis DW2, Frontiers   in Microbiology, 2018, 9(307): 1-11.

(4) Xing   Xiangyang, Liu Feng, Gao Junxiang*. Design and implementation of watermelon   traceable identification algorithm based on biometric texture information[J].   Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (Transactions   of the CSAE), 2017, 33(18): 298-305.

(5) Gao Junxiang, Cheng   Yunjiang, Wang Ying, Xing Xiangyang. An estimation method of missing data in   agricultural information collection system, 2018, ZL201510498128.X. (Chinese   invention patent)



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