Yizhi Zhao

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Personal Information

Basic Information


Zhao Yizhi


Assistant Professor


College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural   University


No.1   Shizishan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan 430070, China





Research Interest

 Information Theory, Communication Coding,   Machine Learning, VLSI Design

Academic activities


Education and research experience

2005-2017, B.S.,   M.S. and Ph.D., School of Optical and Electronic Information, Huazhong   University of Science and Technology, China.

Grants (Government-funded)

Natural Science   Foundation of Hubei Province (Grant No.2019CFB137): Study of Secure Polar   Coding Scheme for Static Adversarial Wiretap Chanel

Representative publications*for corresponding authors, # for first authors

1.     Yizhi Zhao#,   Hongmei Chi, Secure Polar Coding with Delayed Wiretapping Information, IET   Communications, 2020.

2.     Hongmei Chi, Yizhi Zhao*, Polar Coding   with Chaos and Frozen Bits Operation for Wiretap Channel, ICECE, 2019.

3.     Yizhi Zhao#,   Shiwei Xu; Hongmei Chi, Encrypted Secure Polar Coding Scheme for General   Two-way Wiretap Channel, IET Information Security, 2019.

4.     Yizhi Zhao#,   Xuecheng Zou, Zhaojun Lu, Zhenglin Liu*, Chaotic Encrypted Polar Coding   Scheme for General Wiretap Channel, IEEE Transaction on Very Large Scale   Integration (VLSI) Systems, 2017.

5.     Yizhi Zhao#,   Xuecheng Zou, Zhenglin Liu, Chaos Embedded Polar Coding for Wiretap Channel   in Negative Secrecy Capacity Case, CISP-BMEI, 2016.


1.     Yizhi Zhao#*,   Lingjuan Wu, Shiwei Xu, Yuling Fan, Non-stationary Polarization: Proof and   Application, arXiv:1812.00160 [cs.IT].

2.     Yizhi Zhao#*, CSI   Learning Based Active Secure Coding Scheme for Detectable Wiretap Channel, arXiv:1807.02924   [cs.IT].

3.     Yizhi Zhao#,   Hongmei Chi, Secure Polar Coding for Adversarial Wiretap Channel, arXiv:2003.00240   [cs.IT].


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