Zaiwen Feng

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Personal Information

Basic Information


Zaiwen Feng


Associate   Professor


College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural   University


1 Shizishan Jie, Hongshan Qu, Wuhan 430070, China




Research Interest

My research   interests include graph data analytics, knowledge extraction, service-oriented   software engineering and bioinformatics

Academic activities

I have published over 60 papers in major journals   and conferences in the field of service-computing and software engineering,   data integration and semantic computing (including TSC, SCC, ICWS, SEKE,   CaiSE, and ISF). I led the project Aspect-Oriented Methods for Evolution   of Process-aware Information System, which was funded by the Natural   Scientific Foundation of China from 2012 to 2014. I am the co-author of   ISO/IEC 19763-7:2015 – the metamodel for service model registration.

I earned my PhD   and worked as a lecturer at the State Key Lab of Software Engineering, which   is one of the most famous research institutions on software engineering in   China. During my PhD career, I designed and developed an aspect-oriented   approach to requirements modeling and analysis. This approach supports   the requirement-driven evolution of process-aware and service-based systems.   I undertook some research on graph-based automatic service composition in   the initial couple of years after I got my PhD degree. I proposed a   graph-based, automated service re-composition framework, which realizes an   automated re-composition of the original service chain while maintains the   behavioral equivalence by maximizing QoS. In the past of years, I proposed a   set of work on business process variability management, including   ontology-based process configuration method and compliance check methods for   configurable business process model. I also conducted research on change   propagation mechanism between configurable process model and process variants   when I visited BPM team at Queensland University of Technology, Australia,   from 2013 to 2014. From 2016 to 2020, I have been developing a set of   systematical methods for extracting semantic model of a structured data   source automatically. By leveraging machine learning technology and   graph-based intelligent algorithms, this work aims to help understanding the   exact meaning of a data source, transform data in structured data source into   linked data or facilitate federated data search.


My team’s work   has been recognized by Chinese government, the China Computer Federation   (CCF), and the International Standard Organization (ISO). Some of awards I   obtained from CCF and ISO in the past are shown as follows:

Year 2015

Award Name: Special Contribution Award

Institute/Sponsor’s Name: ISO/IEC

Title of awarded project: ISO/IEC 19763-7:2015, Information technology – Metamodel   framework for interoperability (MFI) –Part 7: Metamodel for service model   registration.

Other information about the Award: I am the independent awardee.

Merit-based Award Details: Special Contribution Award is awarded   by ISO and IEC for acknowledging with appreciation the special contribute in   editing ISO/IEC standard. I was awarded since I had successfully proposed   ISO/IEC 19763-7:2015, which specified a common metamodel for registering different   kinds of semantic service models, facilitating interoperability through the   reuse of services, after 7 years’ efforts.


Year 2014

Award Name: Science and Technology Progress First   Class Award of China Computer Federation (CCF)

Institute/Sponsor’s Name: China Computer Federation

Title of awarded project: The Key Technologies, International Standards, Platforms and   Applications for Software Servicesation in Cloud Computing

Other information about the Award: This prize is awarded to fifteen researchers in Wuhan   University and Kingdee International Software (Group) Corp. I am ranked the 14th   in this award

Merit-based Award Details: Science and Technology Progress First Class Award of China   Computer Federation is the highest science and   technology award issued by China Computer Federation. In 2014, only one   research group was awarded the award in China. I was awarded because I had successfully completed the research   work about ontology-based process variability management in Cloud.

Education and research experience

Research   Experience

2020.02 – now

Associate   Professor, College of   Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China


2016.09 –   2019.06

Post-doctoral   Research Fellow in School of Information Technology and   Mathematics, University of South Australia, Adelaide

Project: Federated   Data Platform in Integrated Law Enforcement

Mentor: Prof.   Markus Stumptner

Project Homepage:


2013.12 –   2014.12

Post-doctoral   Visiting Scholar in BPM   Group, Information System School, Queensland University of Technology,   Brisbane, Australia

Project: Research   on Change Propagation Between Configurable Business Process Model and Process   Variants

Mentor: Prof.   Marcello La Rosa ( )

Project Homepage:


2009.12 –   2020.01

Lecturer at the School of Computer Science, Wuhan   University, China


2009.07 –   2009.11

Assistant   Lecturer at the State   Key Lab of Software Engineering, Wuhan



2006.09 –   2009.06

Ph.D. in State Key Lab of Software Engineering   at Wuhan University, China

Title: Methodology   and Key Techniques for Business Requirements Evolution Modeling of Networked   Software

Supervisor:   Prof. Keqing He


2002.09 –   2006.01

M.E. in School of Software at Peking   University, China

Title: Design   and Implementation of Distributed and Automatic Testing Software for EFI   Networked Module

Supervisor:   Prof. Zhonghai Wu



B.S. in School of Information Science &   Technology at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China

Grants (Government-funded)

Title: Research   on the Method for Automatic Semantic Modeling Structured Data Sources Based   on Knowledge Graph Analysis

Funded by: the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities

Project #: 2662020XXQD01, 2020.05 – 2023.04

Summary: Combining   with the present main-stream knowledge graph analyzing technology, the   project will conduct the research on automatically learning semantic models   of structured data sources based on knowledge graph analysis. The main   research contents consist of: semantic labeling data sources with very many   joint tables; inferring and ranking semantic relationships of data sources   based on the knowledge graph analysis; the completion of tree-structured   semantic models; synthetic knowledge graph generation based on graph   dependencies.


Title: Aspect-Oriented   Methods for Evolution of Process-aware Information System

Funded by:   National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

Project #:   No.61100017, 2012.01 – 2014.12

Summary: This   project solved some key problems regarding the evolution of service oriented Process-aware   Information System (PAIS) by using aspect-oriented methods, such as how to   make process family co-evolve; how to address exceptions when service   versioning happens, etc.

Representative publications*for corresponding authors, # for first authors

Journal Publications

1.         Zaiwen Feng,     Chen Wang, Yi Zhao, Chong Wang, Dickson K.W. Chiu, Keqing He, An approach     for business process model registration based on ISO/IEC 19763-5, Service     Oriented Computing and Applications, 12(3-4): 349-370, 2018, Springer.

2.         Zaiwen Feng,     Dickson K.W. Chiu, Rong Peng, Ping Gong, Keqing He, and Yiwang Huang, Facilitating     Cloud Process Family Co-evolution by Reusable Process Plug-in: An     Open-source Prototype, IEEE Transactions on Service Computing, 10(6):     854-867, IEEE, 2017.

3.         Gong Ping, David Knuplesch, Zaiwen Feng,     Jianmin Jiang, bpCMon: A Rule-Based Monitoring Framework     for Business Processes Compliance, International Journal of Web Services     Research, 14(2), pp.81-103,     2017.

4.         Ying Huang, Keqing He, Zaiwen Feng[1]*, Yiwang     Huang, Research on an Adaptive Approach for Business Process Configuration     Based on Ontology (in Chinese), Chinese Journal of Electronics, Vol.44, No.3, pp.699-708, 2016.

5.         Hua Huang, Rong Peng, and Zaiwen Feng,     Efficient and Exact Query of Large Process Model Repositories in Cloud     Workflow Systems, IEEE Transactions on Service Computing, On-line     publication, IEEE, 2015.

6.         Yiwang Huang, Keqing He, Zaiwen Feng*, Ying Huang and Fang     Xie, A Colored C-net Model Based on RGPS and its Application (in Chinese), Chinese     Journal of Computer Research and Development, 51(9) : 2030-2045, 2014.

7.         Yiwang Huang, Keqing He, Zaiwen Feng*,     Ying Huang, Goal-Aware Analytical Method of Validation to Configurable     Business Process (in     Chinese), Chinese Journal of Electronics, Vol.42, No.10,     pp.2060-2068, 2014.

8.         Jianxiao Liu, Keqing He, Jian Wang, Dunhui     Yu, Zaiwen Feng, Da Ning, and Xiuwei Zhang, An Approach of     RGPS-Guided On-Demand Service Organization and Recommendation (in Chinese),     Chinese Journal of Computers, pp.238-251, Vol. 36, No.2, Feb, 2013.

9.     Zaiwen Feng, Rong Peng, Raymong     K. Wong, Keqing He, Jian Wang, Songlin Hu, Bing Li, QoS-Aware and Multi-Granularity     Service Composition, Information     Systems Frontiers, (2013) 15: 553-567.

10.   Woodas W.K. Lai, Dickson K.W. Chiu and Zaiwen Feng, A Collaborative Food Safety     Service Agent Architecture with Alerts and Trust, Information     Systems Frontiers, (2013) 15: 599-612.

11.   Wei Liu, and Zaiwen Feng, Context-based Requirement     Modeling for Self-adaptive Service Software, Journal of     Computational Information Systems, 8: 24(2012),     pp.10131-10140.

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14.   Jianxiao Liu, Keqing He, Jian Wang, Zaiwen Feng, Da Ning,     Semantic Interoperability Oriented Method of Service Aggregation (in     Chinese), Chinese Journal of Software , 22(Suppl.(2)):27-40, 2011.

15.   Zaiwen Feng, Keqing He, Bing Li,     Ping Gong, Yangfan He, Wei Liu, A Method for Semantic Web Service Discovery     Based on Context Inference (in     Chinese), Chinese Journal of ComputersVol. 31 No. 8, pp.1354-1365, Aug, 2008.

16.   Zaiwen Feng, Peng Liang, Ying Liu,     Zhonghai Wu, Keqing He. Research of Interoperability Test for Web Service     Description (in Chinese). Chinese Journal of Application Research     of Computers, Vol. 23(11):191-195, 2006.

Conference Publications

17.   Zaiwen Feng, Wolfgang Mayer, Markus     Stumptner, Georg Grossmann, Wangyu Huang, Relationship Matching of Data     Sources: A Graph-Based Approach, International Conference on Advanced     Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2018), pp. 539-553, Springer.

18.   Hua Huang, Rong Peng, Zaiwen Feng, A time-aware method to     process behavioral similarity calculation, Proceedings of the 13rd IEEE International     Conference on Service Computing (SCC 2016), accepted.

19.   Hua Huang, Rong Peng, Zaiwen Feng, Efficient computation     of ordering relations with time and probability constraints for workflow     models, Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Conference     on Web Services (ICWS 2016), accepted.

20.   Hua Huang, Rong Peng, Zaiwen Feng, Min Zhang, A Cloud     Workflow Modeling Framework using Extended Proclets, Proceedings of the     3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Business Process Management     (APBPM 2015), pp. 19-34, Springer.

21.   Jianxiao Liu, Zaiwen Feng, Feng Liu, and Xiaoxia Li,     Research on Service Organization based on Decorator Pattern, Proceedings     of the 11th EAI International Conference on Collaborative     Computing: Network, Applications and Worksharing (CollaborateCom 2015),     pp. 95-105, Springer.

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International Standard

38.   Keqing He, Zaiwen Feng, Metamodel for Service Model     Registration, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 WG2 19763-7:2015, Metamodel Framework for     Interoperability(MFI), 2015

Book Chapters

39.   Jian Wang, Zaiwen Feng, Jia Zhang, Patrick. C. K. Hung,     Keqing He, Liang-Jie Zhang, A Unified RGPS-Based Approach Supporting     Service-Oriented Process Customization, (Book Chapter in) Web Services     Handbook, Springer,     pp. 657-682, 2014.

40.   Peng Liang, Keqing He, Bing Li, Zaiwen Feng, Tao Peng,     Shuai Chen, Yu’e Pan, Wei Qing, Dan Song, ebXML-based Electronic Business     Interoperability Framework and Test Platform, (Book Chapter in) Electronic     Business Interoperability: Concepts, Opportunities, and Challenges,     Ejub Kajan, pp, 438-456, IGI Global, 2011.

41.   Zaiwen Feng, Rong Peng, Keqing He,     Requirements Evolution Modeling for Networked Software (in Chinese), (Book     Chapter in) Networked Software, Science Press, pp 156-188, 2008.


Public   Appearances

1.       Title: The   Interoperability Software Technology Standards Undertaken by Prof. Keqing   He’s Group are issued by ISO/IEC

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[1] The character * means I am the corresponding author

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