Yaping Fang

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Personal Information

Basic Information


Yaping Fang


Associate   Professor


College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural   University


No.1   Shizishan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan 430070, China





Research Interest

Our main research focuses on   algorithm development and integrative mining from high-throughput data to   understand gene regulation in biology. We are using bioinformatics tools as   well as statistical methods for transcription factor, ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq   RNA-Seq (including lncRNA and miRNA) DNA methylation, Chromatin Interaction   Analysis with Paired-End Tag (ChIA-PET) and Hi-C, CRISPR Screen data analysis   and so on. Through integrating genome-wide transcription factor binding, 3D   genome structures, chromatin dynamics, gene expression profiles, and chemical   and functional screens, we try to model the specificity and function of   transcription factors, 3D genome structures and their functions, chromatin   regulators, RNA binding proteins, kinases, and lncRNAs in cell and disease   development, progression, drug response and resistance.

Academic activities

I have served as a reviewer   for BioinformaticsBMC   BioinformaticsBMC GenomicsPlos oneBriefings in BioinformaticsScientific Reports and for the funding branch of the NSFC   (China).


Education and research experience


06/2014-     present

Associate     Professor, College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan,     China


Associate     Professor, College of Science, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan,     China


Postdoctoral     researcher, Shankel Structural Biology Center , University of Kansas, Kansas,     USA


Postdoctoral     researcher, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of     Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA


PhD     in Chemical Biology, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China


Bachelor     in Chemistry, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China


Grants (Government-funded)

1.         National   Science Foundation of China, Researches on the interaction of enhancer and   promoter based on the DNA sequence and epigenomic information, RMB 200K, 01/2016   - 12/2018

2.         Fundamental   Research Funds for the Central Universities, Researches on the function of   bioactive peptides based on short open reading frames, RMB 150K, 2014.9-2016.12

3.         Fundamental   Research Funds for the Central Universities, Researches for breast cancer diagnosis   based on epigenetic and chromatin three-dimensional hierarchical structure   information, RMB 240K, 01/2019-12/2021


Representative publications*for corresponding authors, # for first authors

1. Wei, X., Zhang, Y., Huang, Y. and Fang, Y.,   "Predicting drug–disease associations by network embedding and   biomedical data integration", Data Technologies and Applications,   2019(53):217-229. Doi:10.1108/DTA-01-2019-0004.

2. Changzhi Zhao, Yunlong Wang, Xiongwei Nie,   Xiaosong Han, Hailong Liu, Guanglei Li, Gaojuan Yang, Jinxue Ruan, Yunlong   Ma, Xinyun Li, Huijun Cheng, Shuhong Zhao, Yaping Fang*, Shengsong   Xie*.Evaluation of the effects of sequence length and microsatellite   instability on sgRNA activity and specificity. Int J Biol Sci,   2019; 15(12):2641-2653

3. Hui Zhang, Ruiqin Zheng, Yunlong Wang, Yu Zhang,   Ping Hong, Yaping Fang, Guoliang Li, Yuda Fang. The effects of Arabidopsis   genome duplication on the chromatin organization and transcriptional   regulation. Nucleic Acids Research, 2019 DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkz511

4. Ruimin Wang, Yunlong Wang, Xueying Zhang, Yaliang   Zhang, Xiaoyong Du, Yaping Fang*, Guoliang Li*. Hierarchical cooperation of   transcription factors from integration analysis of DNA sequences, ChIP-Seq   and ChIA-PET data, BMC Genomics, 2019 DOI: 10.1186/s12864-019-5535-2

5. Shengsong Xie†, Qin Zhu†, Wubin Qu†, Zhong Xu,   Xiangdong Liu, Xinyun Li, Shijun Li, Wubin Ma, Yiliang Miao, Lisheng Zhang,   Xiaoyong Du, Wuzi Dong, Haiwei Li, Changzhi Zhao, Yunlong Wang, Yaping Fang*   and Shuhong Zhao*. sRNAPrimerDB: A comprehensive primer design and search web   service for small non-coding RNAs. Bioinformatics,   2019;35(9):1566-1572

6. Zhang Cheng, Ni Pan, Ahmad Hafiz Ishfaq,   Gemingguli M, Baizilaitibei A, Gulibaheti D, Fang Yaping, Wang Haiyang, Asif   Akhtar Rasool, Xiao Changyi, Chen Jianhai, Ma Yunlong, Liu Xiangdong, Du   Xiaoyong*, Zhao Shuhong. Detecting the Population Structure and Scanning for   Signatures of Selection in Horses ( Equus caballus ) From Whole-Genome   Sequencing Data. Evolutionary bioinformatics, 2018, 14:   117693431877510.

7. Liuyang Cai, Huidan Chang, Yaping Fang, and   Guoliang Li. A Comprehensive Characterization of the Function of LincRNAs in   Transcriptional Regulation Through Long-Range Chromatin Interactions. Sci   Rep. 2016(6):36572

8. Yaping Fang*, Yunlong Wang, Qin Zhu, JIa Wang,   Guoliang Li*. In silico identification of enhancers on the basis of a   combination of transcription factor binding motif occurrences. Sci   Rep. 2016(6):32476

9. Haibo Cui, Xiaomei Wei, Yu Huang, Bin Hu, Yaping   Fang, Jia Wang. Using multiple linear regression and physicochemical changes   of amino acid mutations to predict antigenic variants of influenza A/H3N2   viruses. Biomed Mater Eng. 2014, 24(6):3729-3735

10. Le Zhan, Hui-Xin Liu, Yaping Fang, Bo Kong, Yuqi   He, Xiao-bo Zhong, Jianwen Fang, Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, Grace L. Guo*.   Genome-Wide Binding and Transcriptome Analysis of Human Farnesoid X Receptor   in Primary Human Hepatocytes. PLoS ONE, 2014, 9(9):e105930

11. Yaping Fang, Shan Gao, David Tai, C Russell   Middaugh and Jianwen Fang*. Identification of properties important to protein   aggregation using feature selection. BMC Bioinformatics, 2013,   14:314 Highly Accessed

12. Le Zhan, Hui-xin Liu, Yuqi He, Yaping Fang,   Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, Jianwen Fang and Grace L. Guo. Genome-wide binding and   transcriptome analysis of human farnesoid X receptor in the liver. FASEB   JOURNAL, 2013, 27:663

13. Yuqi He, Lei Gong, Yaping Fang, Qi Zhan, Huixin   Liu, Yanliu Lu, Grace L. Guo, Lois Lehman-McKeeman, Jianwen Fang, and Yu-Jui   Yvonne Wan*. The role of retinoic acid in hepatic lipid homeostasis defined   by genomic binding and transcriptome profiling. BMC Genomics,   2013,28;14(1):575

14. Hui-Xin Liu, Yaping Fang, Ying Hu, Frank J   Gonzalez, Jianwen Fang and Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan*. PPARβ Regulates Liver Regeneration   by Modulating E2f Signaling. PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(6): e65644

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31.   Yaping Fang, Yi Feng, Menglong Li*. Optimal QSAR analysis of the carcinogenic   activity of aromatic and heteroaromatic amine, QSAR Comb Sci,   2008, 27, 543–554



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