Shi-Wei Xu

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Personal Information

Basic Information


Shiwei Xu


Associate Professor


College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural   University


No.1   Shizishan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan 430070, China




Research Interest

Computer system security (TEE and access control),   Blockchain and privacy protection, Security protocols and formal methods

Academic activities


Education and research experience

1.          2002.09~2006.06:   Bachelor in Computer Science and Technology, Computer School, Wuhan   University, Wuhan, China

2.          2006.09~2008.06:   Master in Information Security, Computer School, Wuhan University, Wuhan,   China

3.          2010.09~2012.03:   Visiting Ph.D. Student in Information Security, School of Computer Science,   University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

4.          2008.09~2012.06:   Ph.D. in Information Security, Computer School, Wuhan University, Wuhan,   China

5.          2012.07~2017.07: Engineer and Senior Engineer, Wuhan Digital and   Engineering Research Institute, Wuhan, China

6.          2017.08~present: Associate Professor in Computer Security, College of   Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China

Grants (Government-funded)

1.          Security analysis and   verification of trusted system on smart terminals (Grant number:   2662017QD041), Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities,   2017-2020.

2.          High-level security   *** computer platform technology (Grant number: 31511100101), Equipment   Development Department of People’s Republic of China Central Military   Commission Grant, 2016-2017.

Representative publications*for corresponding authors, # for first authors

Representative publications

1.          Yizhi Zhao, Shiwei   Xu, Hongmei Chi*, Encrypted Secure Polar Coding Scheme   for General Two-way Wiretap Channel, IET Information Security, 13(4),   393-403, 2019 (CCF C)

2.          Sergiu Bursuc,   Christian Johansen* and Shiwei Xu. Automated verification of   dynamic root of trust protocols, 6th International Conference on   Principles of Security and Trust, held as part of ETAPS, 2017 (CCF B)

3.          Shiwei Xu, et al. Modeling and reasoning about   states in late launch based on horn clauses, Advanced Materials Research,   v915-916, p1350-1356, 2014

4.          Shiwei Xu, Ian Batten, Mark Ryan, “Dynamic   measurement and protected execution: Model and analysis”, 8th   International Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing, 2013

5.          Shiwei Xu, Huanguo Zhang, Formal Security Analysis   on Trusted Platform Module Based on Applied Pi Calculus, Journal of Computer   Research and Development, 48(8), 1421-1429, 2011 (CCF Chinese A)


Granted Patents

1.           Xu Shiwei, Zhao Yizhi, Method and system for parallelizing   password service network in cluster environment, Granted Number: ZL201711344522

2.           Xu Shiwei, Zhao Shuang, Yu Xuejun, et al, “Method   for realization and service for trusted password module on ARM platform”,   Granted Number: ZL201610497918

3.           Xu Shiwei, Jiang Changqing, Hu Zhekun, et al, Virtual   machine fault detection and recovery system and virtual machine detection,   recovery and starting method”, Granted Number: ZL201510416209

4.           Xu Shiwei, Method and system for maintaining   start completeness of configurable virtual machine, Granted Number:   ZL201410425198

5.           Xu Shiwei, Huang Jin, Dai Zheng, et al, Multi-interface   cryptographic module parallel scheduling method, Granted Number:   ZL201310661943

6.           Xu Shiwei, Gao yi, Wu Huafeng, et al. Method   for realizing delegation of cipher function of TCM (trusted cryptographic   module) under cloud computing environment, Granted Number: ZL201210561695



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