Yuling Fan

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Personal Information

Basic Information


Yuling Fan


Associate Professor


College of Informatics, Huazhong Agricultural   University


No.1   Shizishan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan 430070, China





Research Interest

Energy   system modeling, optimization and control; Optimization algorithms; Model   predictive control; Big data; Measurement and verification (M&V) of   energy savings, etc.

Academic activities

Reviewers for   Journals

1.        Applied Energy                                                              IF:   8.426, Top, JCR: Q1

2.        Energy                                                                            IF:   5.537, Top, JCR: Q1

3.        Reliability   Engineering & System Safety                     IF:   4.039, Top, JCR: Q1

4.        Building and   Environment                                             IF:   4.820, Top, JCR: Q2

5.        Energy and Buildings                                                    IF:   4.495, Top, JCR: Q2

6.        IEEE Access                                                                  IF:   4.098, JCR: Q2

7.        Sustainable Energy   Technologies and Assessments      IF: 3.456, JCR: Q2

8.        Environment                                                                  IF:   3.176, JCR: Q3

9.        Journal of Building   Engineering                                    IF:   2.378, JCR: Q3

Education and research experience

10.    2013.09-2018.02    Ph.D. in Electric Engineering, University of Pretoria

11.    2011.09-2013.06    M. E. in Control Engineering, Wuhan University

12.    2007.09-2011.06    B.E. in Automation, Wuhan University

Grants (Government-funded)

1.        2020.01-2022.12, Energy   efficiency optimization for whole-building retrofit and maintenance planning   based on grouping (National Natural Science Foundation of China, No.   61903140), Project leader

2.        2019.09-2021.08, Building   retrofit and maintenance planning optimization considering green building   policies (Hubei Natural Science Foundation, No. ZRMS2019000752), Project   leader

3.        2018.01-2020.12, Optimization   modeling of building retrofit and maintenance planning considering green   building policies (The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central   Universities, No. 2662018QD057), Project leader

4.        2015.01-2018.12, Modeling,   optimization and control for industrial energy efficiency and performance   evaluation (National Natural Science Foundation of South African, No. 96431),   Main member

5.        2015.01-2017.12, Modeling   and control system approach for building energy efficiency optimization   (National Natural Science Foundation of South African, No. 93509), Main   member

Representative publications*for corresponding authors, # for first authors

1.        Y. Fan* and X. Xia, “A multi-objective   optimization model for energy-efficiency building envelope retrofitting plan   with rooftop PV system installation and maintenance,” Applied Energy, vol.   189, pp. 327–335, 2017. (SCI, JCR: Q1, Top Journal, IF: 8.426, ESI Highly   Cited Paper)

2.        Y. Fan* and X. Xia, “Energy-efficiency building   retrofit planning for green building compliance,” Building and Environment,   vol. 136, pp. 312-321, 2018. (SCI, JCR: Q1, Top Journal, IF: 4.820)

3.        Y. Fan* and X. Xia, “Building retrofit   optimization models using notch test data considering energy performance   certificate compliance,” Applied Energy, vol. 228, pp. 2140-2152, 2018. (SCI,   JCR: Q1, Top Journal, IF: 8.426)

4.        Y. Fan, J. Mei, H.   Liu, Y. Fan*, F. Liu, Y. Zhang, “Fast synchronization of complex   networks via aperiodically intermittent sliding mode control,” Neural   Processing Letters, 2019. (SCI, JCR: Q3, , IF: 2.591)

5.        Y. Fan* and X. Xia, “A multi-objective optimization   model for building envelope retrofit planning,” Energy Procedia, vol. 75, pp.   1299–1304, 2015. (EI)

6.        J. Mei, Z. Lu, J. Hu,   Y. Fan, “Guaranteed Cost Finite-Time Control of Uncertain Coupled   Neural Networks,” IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2020, Accepted. (SCI,   JCR: Q3, Top Journal, IF: 10.387)

7.        T. Jing, D. Zhang, J.   Mei, Y. Fan, “Finite-time synchronization of delayed complex dynamic   networks via aperiodically intermittent control,” Journal of the Franklin   Institute, vol. 356, pp. 5464-5484, 2019. (SCI, JCR: Q2, Top Journal, IF:   3.653)

8.        X. Li *, X. Zhang and   Y. Fan, “A Two-step Framework for Energy Local Area Network Scheduling   Problem with Electric Vehicles based on Global-local Optimization Method,”   Energies, vol. 12, pp. 1-17, 2019. (SCI, JCR: Q3, Top Journal, IF: 2.707)

9.        Y. Fan* and X. Xia, “An optimization method for   building retrofit planning based on a grouping method and notch test data,”   In: Proceedings of the 12th Asian Control Conference (ASCC), Kitakyushu-shi,   Japan: June 2019. (EI conference)

10.    Y. Fan* and X. Xia, “A building retrofit   optimization model using notch test data,” In: Proceedings of the Control   Conference Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa: December 2017. (EI conference)

11.    Y. Fan* and X. Xia, “An optimization model for   building envelope retrofit considering energy performance certificate,” In:   Proceedings of the Chinese Control Conference, Dalian, China: July 2017. (EI   conference)

12.    Y. Fan* and X. Xia, “An optimal maintenance plan   for building envelope insulation materials after retrofitting,” In:   Proceedings of the Chinese Automation Congress, Wuhan, China: November 2015.   (EI conference)

13.    Y. Fan*, L. Zhang and X. Zhuan, “Design and   implementation of a synchronized three-phase electricity acquisition module,”   In: Proceedings of the 10th World Congress on Intelligent Control and   Automation, Beijing, China: July, 2012. (EI conference)

14.   L. Zhang, M. Xu, Y. Fan and X.   Zhuan, “Models and control methodologies of heavy haul trains toward energy   efficiency: A survey,” In: Proceedings of 2012 Chinese Control and Decision   Conference, Taiyuan, China: May, 2012. (EI conference)


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