Zhongmin Chen

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Personal Information



Zhongmin Chen,



Position Title


Working Department

Department of Computer Science




 College of Informatics,  Huazhong   Agricultural  Univeristy





Research Interest

 Software   Engineering ,  Network Computing

Professional Memberships

The Computers Committee   of Hubei Province Higher Education Academic Society,  Deputy Director


Other Roles


Education   & Working Experience


March, 1990, Shenyang Industry College (China), master of   engineering.

Major: CAD/CAM (Computer aided Design / Computer aided   Manufacturing).

M.S.   DissertationOn-Line Measurement Technique of Eccentricity   of Electric Wire and Electric Cable.

July, 1985, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and   Astronautics (China), bachelor of engineering.

Major: Sensor   & Test Technique


Work   experience

Sept.2003-present, Professor, Huazhong   Agricultural University,

Duty: teaching   and researching.

Feb.2002-   Sept.2003, Deputy   Director, Taizhou Bureau of The Information Industry in Jiangsu Province, China,

Duty: government & enterprises   informationalization.

Apr.1994-Feb.2002, Associate professor, Nanjing   Institute of Posts and Telecommunications,

Duty: teaching and researching.

Mar.1991-Apr.1994,   Chief engineer, Network   Equipment OfficeGeneral Post Office of Ministry of Posts and Tele   Communication, P.   R. China

Duty: network   construction and network management.

Mar.1990-Mar.1991,   Assistant engineer, No.3   research laboratory, No.625 institute of Ministry of Aeronautics and   Astronautics, P. R. China

Duty: design & development   of computer system.

Jul.1985-Sept.1987,   Assistant engineer, Nanjing   Weighing Apparatus Factory,

Duty: design &   development of micro computer control system.




Conference   papers

[1] Zhongmin   Chen, Heng Fan. The Research and Improvement of Indoor Localization   Algorithms Based on RSSI, 2013 3rd International Conference on Computer   Science and Network Technology (ICCSNT 2013), China,178-181,2013.10.12

[2] Chen   Zhongmin. The application of Bayesian network on mobility predictions, 2012   International Conference on Electronic Information and Electrical   Engineering, China, 177-179,2012-06-15

[3] Chen   Zhongmin,Wu Yeqing. The Application of theory and method of time series in   the modeling of software reliability, The 2nd International Conference on   Information Technology and Computer Science (ITCS2010),340-343,2010.07.24

[4] Chen   Zhongmin, Qiao Juan. The application Research of Data Mining in Alarm   Correlation about Telecommunication Network, International Symposium on   Computer Network and Multimedia Technology(CNMT2009),1177-1180,2009.12.18

[5] Chen Zhongmin,Renzuo   Xu. The Research of Intrusion Detection Technology Based on Genetic   Algorithms,The International Conference on Networks Security, Wireless   Communications and Trusted Computing2009,248-250,2009.04.25

[6] Fang   Chen,Zhongmin Chen*. Classroom Education Management and Extension for   Colleges and Universities, 2009 First International Workshop on Education   Technology and Computer Science, 874-876,2009.04.01

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[8] Chen Zhongmin, Wang Yu, Xu Baowen. "The algorithm design of agent for   detecting and analyzing data in intrusion detection based on immune principle"The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Wireless   Communications, Networking and Mobile Computingvolume   3 p1779-1783,Sept.2007.


Selected publications

1. Chen Zhongmin,Wang   Yu.“Model of intrusion detection based on mobile Agent & immune principle   and algorithm”, Computer Engineering and   Applications,vol.44,   No.8,pp.131-134, Aug.2008.

2. Xuan Songsheng,Chen   Zhongmin*. “The Research of Distributed Intrusion Detection System Based on   Mobile Agent and MYSQL”, Computer Knowledge and   Technology, vol.3   No.6, pp.1181-1184,2008.

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6. Chen Zhongmin,Wang   Fei. “Research and implementation of Mutex algorithm in distributed shared memory”,   Computer,vol.28, No.11,pp.2527-2536,2007.

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8.Wang KunlunZhao Hongyong,Chen Zhongmin.   “Introduction to Computer   Science and Technology”, Peking University Press (China),Sept.2006.

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