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Test title One: the establishment, implementation and reform of the school of information to promote the construction of a community of teachers and students

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On the afternoon of November 7, the face-to-face communication between teachers and students of "Happy Hour" in the school of information was held at four venues, including c314, c419, c424 and C603 in Yifu Building. Ten party members and teachers, including Jinhai, Zhao Yizhi and Li Fangfang, provided students with centralized Q & A guidance on algorithm design and analysis, database, Java and probability theory.

Huang Junjie, class 1804, planning department, put forward the long-standing problem of JK Trigger principle. Zhao Yizhi explained the internal circuit and operation mode one by one. At the end of the Q & A, Mr. Zhao also patiently instructed him how to effectively learn EDA courses, telling him not only to remember the code, but also to understand the composition of triggers and circuits. Several students in class 1803 of family planning said they had difficulties in understanding the database paradigm, such as being unable to judge the type of paradigm in practice. Li Fangfang started from the definition of the essence of the paradigm, analyzed the process of distinguishing each paradigm one by one, reminded the students of the difficulties from time to time, and explained them carefully and in detail to make everyone suddenly clear.

At the scene of Q & A, teachers and students communicate frequently and the atmosphere is warm. The students kept asking questions and the teachers answered them patiently one by one. Zhang QingWang, class 1804, planning department, said: "although the analysis in the classroom to Mr. Jin Hai is in place, there are inevitably some things that we don't understand. In addition, the review time after class is short, and the problems to be solved accumulate more and more.". Face to face communication with teachers is very efficient. Although I can also communicate with teachers through QQ and other ways, today I found that teachers are kind and humorous, which is totally different from the feeling in the classroom. "

The teachers also expressed that they fully enjoyed the fun of interaction between teachers and students in the process of answering questions. Teacher Ren Jiping sighed: "even after teaching for so many years, sometimes it is difficult to grasp the students' learning progress at all times. The traditional test method will inevitably cause students' antipathy, and has always felt the lack of communication channels with students. Through face-to-face communication, we can understand students' learning progress and feel closer to students. "

This face-to-face communication between teachers and students is a measure taken by the Party committee of the school of information in the special education investigation on the theme of "never forget your original heart and remember your mission", aiming at the students' reflection and expecting more face-to-face communication opportunities with teachers. Liu Jin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college, found that although teachers and students of the college communicate frequently and almost every course teacher shares QQ group and wechat group with the teaching students, the undergraduates of the college said frankly that "key to key cannot replace face-to-face, so it is urgent to increase the space between face-to-face teachers and students". The suggestion somewhat surprised him.

Therefore, at the exchange meeting of research results of the college, Liu Jin suggested adding a new sub activity under the traditional activity of academic interaction between teachers and students of the college, "Happy Hour", to carry out face-to-face Q & A exchange around curriculum learning, to cover a wider group of undergraduates, and to further expand the content and form of teacher-student interaction. In addition, Liu Jin also proposed to build a face-to-face communication platform between teachers and students in an all-round way in the form of "luncheon between teachers and students" and cultural and sports exchanges between teachers and students.

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