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Our college has undertaken many national scientific research projects in 2019

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Over 80 academic reports were held throughout the year. In 2019, 10 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) were approved, including 6 general projects, 3 youth projects, and 1 excellent youth project, with total funding of 5.63 million RMB. Besides, 6 Hubei Natural Science Foundation projects were approved, including 1 innovative group project, 2 general projects, 2 youth projects, and 1 guiding project, with a total funding of 700,000 RMB. College of Informatics was appraised as an advanced group for fund application work and one person was appraised as an advanced individual in fund application work. The faculty published a total of 55 SCI papers throughout the year, including 4 papers have impact factor higher than 9 and the highest impact factor is 25.455.


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