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College of Informatics undertakes a number of international and domestic academic conferences and completes the election of the second academic committee of the College

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In 2019, The first appointment ceremony of Professional Technical Committee and Agricultural Big Data Seminar of Hubei Engineering Technology Research Center of Agricultural Big Data was held, and Academician Zhao Chunjiang came to the university to make a report. Besides, College of Informatics also had undertook the 17th asia-pacific conference on bioinformatics, the 6th international symposium on 3D genomics, CCF young scientists "big data intelligence and security" seminars, research and development of the national key project of high performance computing key special "universal platform for biological systems, quantum computing and the demonstration application" mid project site inspection, the 4th south lake young scientists BBS BBS information points, etc. Agricultural Bioinformatics Key Laboratory of Hubei Province was reviewed as excellent. The second academic committee of the college was reelected, and 9 members of the new academic committee were elected.

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