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The College insists operating on an open and international way

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In 2019, College of Informatics insists operating on an open and international way. The college promoted students' exchange program and cooperation with Universities at home and abroad. Group visits and student exchanges have been carried out with National University of Singapore, City University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and other universities. Forty students were selected to go abroad for exchange.


The college has made good application and preparation for the international conference on Communications, Signal Processing and Systems and the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in China. The college have cooperated with BGI, Guangxi Yangxiang and Shanghai Paisenol respectively to set up joint training innovation classes. It has reached cooperation intention with Abel University and Abt University in the UK, and strengthened school-enterprise cooperation with Yangxiang Group, Changsha Fogreen, Tianjin Blood Research Institute, South Institute of Space Science and Technology, Dawn, Inspur, Lenovo and other units.


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